Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Friday, December 16, 2016


SiTting at chick-fil-a watching my soul mate, wife, and friend eat a salad.  The spicy chicken sandwich was great, of course. Middle school girls behind us are discussing the risk reward trade off of plagiarizing. The rush hour crowd filters in. The temperature has remained low all day and the gusty winds make it feel icy. Another day lost till judgement day.

My cousin

My cousin has stage 4 cancer. He has returned to his home. The doctors are looking into an experimental treatment. This wretched world is a better place with his presence, and I pray he remains for many years according to God's will.

He has been a pilot most of his life. His passengers have always landed safely, sometimes through tremendous danger. As kids I spent part of a summer working with him on their farm. He was always cool under pressure; an important quality when hundreds of souls are in your hands. He was also gracious in the face of my ignorance of farm work.

He's a good husband and father. He looks after the interest of others.

On the whole we ignore the inevitable, but every moment we walk in the hands of God and the face of Jesus.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The number one

Finding errors in print gives me some pointless satisfaction. For instance, this 455 hp car that goes 10 mph slower than my 1969 VW squareback. This baby has brakes that could stop a locomotive and tires wide enough for the formula one circuit with a top speed of. .. 86 mph. And all for $100k!

Wonderful works of God 2

The software industry is a ruthless place where family is "let go" in the name of profit and stockholders eyes grow wide at the prospects of fabled riches, with names like Amazon, Google and Yahoo.

This is the situation of our hapless subject. He slaves away in the relative comfort of air conditioned offices and ergonomic office equipment. How much will he make us this quarter? Should he stay or go?

Little did he realize that his next assignment would be a spring board to the next employment opportunity born of desperation and coincidence in the foothills mecca of software start-ups.

Wonderful works of God

The four lane hiway ran along the front of the mountain range. It rose over ridges and across gradual valleys. This early morning found the valleys filled with thick patchy fog. The two door sport sedan spead in the fast lane tempting fate and the forces that be. Inside the young family of three raced to meet family for Christmas.

Which statistic would they become? Another holiday tragedy ending in instant death or a close call going unrecorded.

Ignoring conditions of limited visibility the speedometer remained glued to 75 mph. Think of all those presents and the anxious embrace of close relatives. There was no traffic and the roads were dry. Throw caution out the window!